We wish to invite you to Karma,

We are a full service salon and spa in Morris County. We would like to take the time to tell you a little bit about our salon & spa.

We opened Karma in 2006, a dream of ours since we met in beauty school. We have been friends for many years, and both share a passion for the beauty industry. We truly love what we do and wanted to create an atmosphere in which reflected that feeling. We built Karma salon & spa, two women, laid the groundwork for the salon and spa of our dreams and made it a reality. We were and are so determined to make this salon and spa unlike any other we had seen before. We knew the only way to accomplish our goal was to be our own contractors and designers and believe in our vision. We feel very fortunate to have an exceptional staff, supportive clients, and a very positive warm atmosphere.

Enjoy the experience of life and look great living it. We truly believe in karma and we feel you get back what you give.

Sincerely, Rachel & Mara


‚ÄčKARMA salon & spa